Thrash Bash is the annual two day event held at Midvale Speedway by the fine folks of Clubloose 2. This is my favorite event on their calendar and I have written about it many times in the past. This year due to a timing conflict I would only be able to make it to day two of the event. This means I’d be missing out on my favorite part of this weekend, sunset.

Blair Stephan & Brittany Migitsch

I swear I talk about sunset at this track more than any other feature of Midvale. In reality I think shooting drifting here during sunset had a noticeable influence on my photography and editing style. I find myself coming back to those sunset/ golden hour photos constantly, they still hold on as some of my favorite shots I’ve taken at circle tracks. I typically joke with people at Thrash Bash to not expect to see me in the infield until the sun is getting ready to go down.

Eric Wilhelm & Nick Perricellia

2022 was a different year though, no sunsets or golden hour photos were on the table for me. So I stuck with a tradition I started the year prior, shooting only black and white with my X100V. This scaled back approach really allows me to enjoy my time on track shooting these images, while also making the post processing work almost nonexistent. I packed up my comically small camera and headed out for a day on track.

Nick Brierley

I usually find myself walking around more and taking some images I normally wouldn’t when using this setup. There is something about a small camera that makes me feel more comfortable shooting around the pits, maybe it’s less intrusive, but at this point everyone who’s standing in front of it at CL2 has a pretty good idea of who I am. Hope you all enjoy this set, didn’t want to make this post too much of a story since I couldn’t capture the whole weekend. Only a few more weeks ahead of us until the Clubloose 2 family gets back together, check out our full schedule here!

2022 Clubloose II Family Photo

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