I’ve known Chance for many years and have always enjoyed his car, driving and overall spirit. This car had a busy year in 2022 with plenty of events and on track abuse. It’s currently in pieces in his garage waiting on some new aero and paint. I don’t doubt it will come out of that garage looking better than ever. Hope you guys enjoy the breakdown and backstory of his build, look for it tearing up the east coast this year.


I was able to rescue this car back in 2017 in Cincinnati Ohio. It had little to no chassis wiring left, no keys, a poorly assembled S13 SR20 that eventually blew up, disintegrating suspension, and no interior. But what it was, was a rust free, original slick top, Starfire Blue Kouki S14 (with a clean title!). It took me a few years to get the funds and time together to sort through and rewire most of the car so it was no longer a fire hazard and would work reliably, change the suspension so it wouldn’t kill you on track, and eventually replace the engine after the original encountered some rapid unscheduled disassembly. After many revisions and lots of troubleshooting, I was finally able to get the car reliable and pilotable on track.

Growing up watching option DVDs and old D1 footage, I have always loved that big aggressive JDM style, as so many others do. While the plan was always to remove the original bodywork and kit the car, it was important to me to maintain the original paint color no matter what route I ended up going down. 2Fs big Super Doof kit, paired with some big white wheels and cut knuckles, all while running the factory paint was just my favorite look. 

Moving forward into the 2023 season, the car will be getting another fresh Super Doof kit as I may have accidentally turned my front and rear bumpers into confetti. It will be getting new coilovers from FEAL, and I plan to move to a zero camber setup maximizing grip and tire life. 

Myself and the rest of my friends driving with Deep Sleep try to make it to most events in western PA and surrounding areas. Come say hi and grab a sticker, see you at the track!

Chance Fornear

Exterior Styling 

  • 2F Performance Super Doof Bodykit
  • Origin Type 3 Front Fenders
  • Street Faction Front Bash Bar
  • Painted the Factory Nissan Color, BN6 Starfire Blue Metallic

Interior Details

  • Personal Blitz 330mm Steering Wheel
  • Bride Rep Seat
  • Racequip Harnesses
  • Half Cage
  • Custom Power Panel
  • Villains Hydro
  • AEM Wideband, Oil Pressure, and Boost gauges
  • 9K Racing High Roller Shift Knob
  • Street Faction Door Cards


  • SR20DET Notchtop from a ‘97 S14
  • HKS GTSS Turbo
  • HKS Intake
  • PartShopMax Cobra Downpipe
  • PartShopMax High Mount Intercooler
  • Nismo Super Copper Twin Disk Clutch
  • Greddy Type FV BOV
  • Hallman Boost Controller
  • Koyo N-Flow Radiator
  • Shaftmasters 1 Piece Driveshaft
  • ISR 4” Blast Pipes

Suspension & Bracing

  • ISR Pro Coilovers
  • Villains Knuckles with 40mm Extended Front Lower Control Arms
  • Voodoo Angled Tension Arms
  • ISR Pro Rear Camber Arms
  • ISR Pro Rear Toe Arms
  • Z32 Front Brakes
  • GKTech Solid Steering Rack Bushings
  • GKTech Dual Rear Caliper Setup with Wilwood Calipers

Wheels & Tires 

  • Fronts: Work CR Lies 18×10.5 +38, Running a 30mm Spacer on Falken RT615k+ 225/40/18
  • Rears: Work D9R 18×10.5 +30 on Kenda KR20A 235/40/18