F#ck Winter Bash is an annual event on the schedule at Clubloose 2. It marks the return of drifting to my area, but more importantly, it’s the unofficial reunion to Midvale Speedway. A return to converting tires and fuel into smiles and smoke. This year, despite the name of the event, winter fought back in one of the strangest displays of spring time weather I have seen. What started as a cool damp morning, transitioned into hail, sleet, snow and rain over the course of the day.

In all fairness I considered Saturday to be a complete write off, artistically speaking. I spent most of the day catching up with folks I see at tracks on weekends in the summer, going over changes made for the 2022 season and wishing for a better tomorrow. I did end up walking out on track to snap a few photos as the last session of the day wrapped up. The final passes of the day cleared up the damp pavement and made for an hour of dry seat time that the remaining drivers made great use of. One of my favorites from this brief break in the weather can be seen above.

Sunday was a complete flip on the day prior. I was honestly looking for some clouds to help break up the harsh sun we had throughout the afternoon. More importantly for the drivers, the track was back to a consistent level of grip and they could get on with having some fun.

As the day progressed, so did everyones driving. It’s always fun to come out to these early in the year events and watch people shake off the cobwebs and get their driving back to where it was the year prior. Later in the day, tandems got tighter and the folks in B group started overcoming issues transitioning through different corners on the circuit.

The most important part of this event for me was the kick start to another year of Drift Pizza and getting out shooting. I have been posting on and off for the past two years and I think I am finally in a place creatively again to really enjoy getting home from events and digging through photos. I hope you enjoyed this set and the few words I threw together for it. I’m looking forward to spending a few more weekends this year with my friends at Clubloose 2, and even more excited for the new content to come from it. See you in the next one ✌️