I want to start off this post by saying that Thrash Bash has always been a special weekend for me. From the first time we had one back in 2018 I immediately recognized it allowed me to do a few things that I felt were missing from Clubloose 2 events at Midvale Speedway. The main thing I look forward to at this event is shooting turn 1 of the oval during a direct sunset. If you are familiar with any of my photos you will most likely recognize this turn and the photos I am referring to. A classic banked corner backlit by the setting Ohio sun, it is an easy recipe for a great drifting photo. Well that corner has also become a crutch of every single trip I take out to Midvale Speedway. I find myself sitting on a stool down in the infield firing away HUNDREDS of photos at this exact same location. This album was an experiment, something different for me and my usual shooting style, and I have to say I am stoked on it.

These images are the results of my ‘experiment’ which in all reality is just a self inflicted limitation. I chose to only shoot in Black & White and was limited to a single camera body & lens. What it accomplished was more important to me than how the images turned out though, it made me shoot different. I got up and walked around, shot in the pits, captured new angles and thought about my cropping and image composition more.

Jeri Rick’s Rocketship

So what is the recipe for Thrash Bash and what makes this event special to a normal drifting fan? Well for one it is one of the few 2 day events held by Cluboose 2. But more importantly it is usually right at the turning point of the year where it is the perfect weather to spend two days outside enjoying something you love. That’s what this weekend is for me every year, it’s two days spending time with friends old and new who all have one common interest.

Bobby’s Crew crossing the start finish during the first ever Thrash Bash Team Comp

But this years event was even more special. This year we held our first ever team tandem competition. Teams from around the north east threw money on the line for their chance to take home nearly two grand in prize money. With that in mind everyone worked through the initial sessions of the day figuring out lines and deciding what their plans were for the competition to be held that evening. Hard Luck and Bobby’s Crew were out for blood after BMI 2020 both entering two teams into the pool of 8.

The comp ran in a standard bracket style with teams running a scored lap which was judged by the fearless leaders of CL2. With tensions high and teams pressing hard the main opponents would quickly turn into mechanical gremlins and drivers composure under pressure.

Nick P. & Eric W. of Hard Luck under the bright lights of Midvale Speedway

Trying to outdo one another Hard Luck and Bobby’s Crew would both windup getting knocked out for incomplete runs. Keeping up the same consistency and control they showed all day Yeet Fleet worked their way to the top of the podium. Taking home the cash and the glory of the first team comp.

Yeet Fleet takes home the cash and the bragging rights

The end of the comp brought us to the end of day one. Quickly followed by a trip to the usual haunts in New Philly and a required stop at the Red Roof Inn, I was ready to call it a day. But as much fun as I have hanging around the track and talking shit on everyone’s entries I always find this night to be a highlight of the weekend. There is something simple and relaxing about drinking some shit beer in a hotel parking lot going over what went well that day and what new things to try tomorrow. These multi-day events really capture the community and culture of drifting, it’s not just showing up and turning laps. It’s helping people grow as drivers, helping people fix their cars and getting them excited to try something different.

So that’s what I did this year, I tried something different. I hope you all enjoy this little album and the recap of the weekend. I did shoot some color but who knows when that will be ready to share with the world. Keep your eyes peeled for some new things in the works. This little experiment was the creative kick I think I needed.

As always, I’ll see you all at the next one.