Back in 2020 I ran into a car I never expected to see in person, let alone drifting through a winding track in the hills of West Virginia. I originally was introduced to this vehicle through shirtstuckedin, an iconic Japanese/ Australian drifting blog which many have followed and pulled inspiration from over the years.

To be honest, ShirtsTuckedIn has been one of the driving inspirations for myself as I started my journey into the world of drifting. I remember sitting in high school reading Casey’s blog posts and wanting to dive into the deep end of the drifting community. Little did I know a few years later I would start up my own blog and eventually get to see one of his old cars in person.

This car is now piloted by Rich Whiteman and joins his lineup of other drift cars. I have had a chance to shoot his other chassis (350z & JZX100) in the past at events like Final Bout and various Club Loose hosted events. This S13 hits many of the classic styling points of modern Japanese drifting and will continue to get used as Casey of ShirtsTuckedIn initially intended, driven hard by someone passionate about drifting!

Machine Check:

Chassis & Power:
1991 PS13
S15 T28 Turbo
740 Injectors
Tomei HG
High Mount FMIC
VG Transmission

Fortune 500 Coilovers 9k/5k
Cut & Weld Knuckles – OdysseyFab
Stock S13 LCA
Mismatched Rear Arms

Exterior & Interior:
Unknown Aero Kit – Old & Unbranded
Thrash Racing Seats
Nardi 330mm Wheel
Old HKS Gauges – “They work when they want”