I am writing this hours away from the ‘end’ of what has been a very odd year for everyone. It has been a lack luster year for Drift Pizza, but in all honestly this weekend was one of the highlights. For the past few years, Clubloose II has been hosting a two day event at Midvale Speedway, Thrash Bash. These events are a great opportunity for drivers living further away from the track to come and throw down all weekend.

This years Thrash Bash was special because it was one of the few times I was able to make it out to Midvale Speedway. Typically you can find me walking around the infield of this track nearly every month of the summer, shooting coverage of Clubloose II events and hanging out with friends. Even more importantly for me though, this event was the chance to catch up with people I don’t typically see, especially with the state of the world this year.

Drifting has connected me with a ton of characters, some local and some living on the other side of the country. Events like these pull all of those people to a common space to hang out and enjoy our shared passion, drifting.

Thrash Bash 2020 had a great mix of drivers, from people shaking down their first drift cars on track to seasoned veterans pushing the limits of their machines. The Hard Luck crew was out in full form putting on a good show for everyone in the grandstands, and a good lesson for the new drivers looking for inspiration.

Like most multi-day events, I was most excited to get a change to shoot drifting at sunset. It’s a nice break from the typical mid day sun that I have to work with. It also leads to my albums being packed with shots straight into the sun. Hopefully you enjoy them, I know I was stoked on quite a few.

This album was a bit longer than my typical releases, but I wanted to make sure as many people as possible got a shot at this event. I knew I wouldn’t be making very many this year so I tried to make the most of it while I was there. Below you can see the full collection of photos captured over the weekend.

I want to say thank you to everyone that reached out to me this year and checked in on how I was doing. I would be lying if I said there weren’t days this year when I didn’t question the future of Drift Pizza Media. But so many of you showed interest and support. Hell, despite scarce releases, you guys went out and made the Ouija design one of the best selling items I have made to date. This site is the future of Drift Pizza. Sure there will still be a facebook page and an instagram account, that’s just how content is consumed in the era of social media. But this is a space for me to go back to something I missed. I got into drifting and modified cars via blogs, ones that looked like what I am trying to build here.

So here is to the future, I don’t know what Drift Pizza will look like in 5 years when we hit our 10 year anniversary. I don’t even know what I’ll look like in 5 years, but I sure as hell am going to keep this rolling.

From Hell & Back. Thanks for reading.