This write up was originally posted in mid 2020. After posting this I shot a lot but posted almost nothing. You are currently reading this article on the new home of Drift Pizza Media. This site is what I came up with after asking myself what I wanted the future of Drift Pizza to look like. I missed blogs, I missed reading about builds on forums and I hated posting albums to facebook. Deep Cuts will contain old posts from the early years of Drift Pizza. Some might have write ups, some might just be photos, all I know is that the future is bright.

Rich Whiteman piloting the old ShirtsTuckedIn S13

2020 has been nothing short of a bummer. You may have noticed Drift Pizza sitting on the back burner, devoid of the consistent content I have tried to push for the last few years. I can’t tell if it is my attitude shifting away from getting edits out, or just the consistent push back this year has brought.

Danny Padden judging best entry

I started the year with big plans to consistently provide vehicle features and event coverage from my travels around the east coast. Seemingly every weekend trip I had planned has turned into a lost cause. Even now with events getting back up and in the groove I feel like the season is tainted. I am in a funk, trying to shake it but unsure of what I can scrape together to make the most of what I had planned for 2020. 

Mike Piergallini parked on track

This weekend, captured in the following album, was an escape… Panthera is a track that has meant a lot to me, it’s a happy place and is as much of a ‘home track’ as any to me. This weekend brought out some cars that have never conquered the twists and turns of this challenging and unforgiving circuit. It was truly a pleasure to watch people feel out lines and progress throughout the day. On the other hand we had drivers who had visited many times out there killing it from the first lap, knowing when to initiate and when to take it easy as the track conditions changed. 

Tres Riley’s FC attacking the hair pin

This album has some of my favorite shots from Panthera, and captures the spirit of grassroots drifting. I hope you enjoy the photos. I hope to see all of you out on the track again soon.