I have known the boys of Haze for a few years. We have gotten to know each other spending weekends and evenings out in the hills of West Virginia, frequenting events put on by Danny Padden. When the team got together to compete in The 2020 Bloodmasters Invitational at Englishtown NJ’s Raceway Park, they reached out to have some group shots done.

From left to right: Matt Craig, Mike Piergallini, Corey Ellis, Kenny Zimmerman

We didn’t have a great location for the shoot, hell, it was literally just the pit space that was laid out for them. But I did manage to get a few shots I was happy with. The full team consists of even more drivers than we shot on that day. Jeff & Jake did not have their cars with them, but you will see some shots of their cars in future posts.

Fresh off the trailers

Haze has a knack for trying to squeeze as much power out of single cam KAs as possible. These setups had plenty of power to tear up the FD layout the teams would be running later in the day during competition runs.

Haze ready for battle at Englishtown Raceway Park

After grabbing a few photos of the team, I took some time to focus on Matt’s S13. This car was recently refreshed with some new aero and paint. Before the car went out for practice and competition runs, I decided to document it’s appearance before anything crazy happened. As much as style is a big part of this build, this team has no problems getting on each others doors.

Matt Craig’s Nissan S13 Coupe

I am always excited to see put together cars throwing down. Knowing that someone put the time and money into making a machine so beautiful and then having the confidence to drive it at it’s limits is awesome. Regardless of what happens after each run, the boys from Haze are always excited for the next.

Carbon accents on Matt’s hood

Getting to know these guys over the past few years has been an awesome experience. They are truly dedicated to getting out as much as possible and always leave it all on the track. Below is the complete set of photos from this shoot, let me know how you like them in the comments on this post.

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